Partnership with Kidizen’s REWEAR™ Collective

Kidizen + Livie & Luca


The number one way we support the sustainability movement is by crafting durable and timeless products, made to be cherished, well-worn, and passed along.

There are many ways to pass along shoes but we wanted to get involved in something that was easy for you to do and also gives you $ rewards to buy that next size up at Livie & Luca!

With this in mind, we are joining an exclusive resale program through Kidizen, a kids’ apparel resale site. Kidizen’s REWEAR™ Collective features brands that are committed to making a difference for future generations by creating quality, long-lasting products.

We invite you to be part of the new circular economy by reselling used Livie & Luca shoes for an average of $25-40 on Kidizen. For each resale, you earn points for future purchases in Livie & Luca Rewards

Make sure our high-quality products you no longer need move into another child’s closet instead of into a landfill! Visit Kidizen REWEAR to start selling.

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