Come along with us as we zig zag through the U.S. meeting our incredible retail partners. 

In June, the third stop in our Retailer of the Month moves to THE NORTH EAST and a Family Shoe Store - The Kids Barn, located in West Newton, Massachusetts. This wonderful Livie & Luca partner is a family owned store that has been around for 70 years!

We are thrilled to have you learn a bit about their special history, check out a day in the life of the store and meet their team!

History of “The Barn”:

The Barn Family Shoe Store was founded in 1948 by Russell Wennbergh, and after his passing, Russell’s wife, Lillian, took leadership of The Barn. When Lillian retired, daughter, Karen Stives, a one-time equestrian Olympian in the 1984 Olympics, held the reigns at the store for over 25 years. Since Karen’s passing, the torch was handed over to Joe Carrigan, formerly the General Manager of “The Barn” for over 25 years.

Today, “The Barn” is a family owned and operated business with Joe serving as Owner and President, his wife, Cindy as Owner and Comptroller and their son, Brendan as General Manager. The Kids Barn was launched in 1995 and is adjacent to The Barn. The Kids Barn is about 10,000 square feet that is totally dedicated to kids footwear and casual apparel. Laura Garcia is the Manager of The Kids Barn.

 The Barn is one of the longest running family-owned shoe stores in New England and continues to win multiple awards for its high quality footwear and casual apparel for women, men and kids, in addition to our outstanding customer service. We are celebrating our 70th Birthday this year and look forward to going strong for the next 70!

A day in the life at The Kids Barn:

As with most retail stores, no two days are alike which makes working here fun and interesting. Upon opening, we organize the store then greet and assist customers. The mornings usually attract moms or moms with infants while afternoons usher in school age kids up to about age 13 along with their moms or dads. Saturdays and Sundays tend to be busiest with Sundays edging out Saturdays as generating the most foot traffic. This is probably due to the fact that Saturdays are so busy for families with sports and activities that Sundays tend to be more of a relaxed, family day which is more conducive to shopping. In retail today, there really isn’t a shoe-shopping season, so people tend to shop for their footwear needs throughout the year.

Let’s meet The Kids Barn team:

Laura Garcia is The Kids Barn Manager and loves working with kids and young families that have been shopping at The Barn for generations. There isn’t a day that goes by that Laura doesn’t hear, “My mom used to bring me here to shop for my shoes, and now I can’t believe that I’m taking my little ones here to shop!” The Kids Barn team consists of some employees who have been here for over 15 years as well as a dynamic roster of part time workers who tend to be high school students who find The Kids Barn to be the perfect part time job for after school.

Tell us about your partnership with Livie and Luca:

We went to the shoe show in New Jersey in 2016 and fell in love with the quality and styles of Livie and Luca. The soft leather is exceptionally comfortable for little ones’ feet; they’re well priced and well made. The styles tend to be more casual which is perfect for our clientele who enjoy buying kids’ shoes that are designed for going to the park or for dress. The rubber sole shoes make them a great choice for dress or play.

What is your favorite Livie and Luca product?

“The spring Tabby sandal in coral leather with the cat outline”, says Manager, Laura Garcia. “In the fall, I love all of the classics like Mary Janes in traditional colors like black, navy or red.

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