Customer Service Reviews

"I received very quick responses and a very quick resolution of my issue. A+ customer care, for sure! I am a fan for life. 😊" Carrie W.


"I received a quick and helpful response from customer service! They were very helpful after my son had a growth spurt before he was able to wear the shoes I had purchased."  S. Parks


"Thank you for your quick response in letting me know that our return has been received and my store credit is available. Waiting on my little one to decide which pair she would like before we purchase again. Thank you for understanding that customer service is important and I appreciate your company valuing the fact that customers matter."  A. Taylor


"Amber was very professional and handled my question about a discount code expeditiously and in a very friendly manner. This is once again, one of the reasons I’m starting to love L & L -All aspects❤️ Thank you."  L. Stites


"Super-Awesome. I don't know who writes your AI, but I swear Livie writes this from her kitchen while hand-stitching these shoes. Keep up the good work." - Karin


"I appreciate the prompt customer service response and the level at which they are willing and care enough to make the situation right. This is why I love this brand and will continue to support them as always. Customer service has become a thing of the past with so many companyies, so to have them reach out to me means a great deal! Thank you Livie Luca for remaining true to the standard that loyal customers "matter and caring about those customers."