Foot Health

Play is your little one’s work – our shoes let them to do it with ease and comfort.

The sole of an L & L shoe is wonderfully flexible yet durable. For healthy development, a shoe’s sole needs to be able to bend and flex in the same way as a foot.

Our roomy toe boxes allow the toes to move freely so as not to inhibit natural growth. They also allow your child to grip the ground with their toes (yes, even through the sole!), which helps with steadiness and balance during movement.

Padded insoles and collars are key for superior comfort and support. In addition, we hand select supple genuine leather so shoes don’t need to be broken in. Padded collars and soft leather = no more blisters!

Our shoes are fully lined with naturally anti-microbial leather to allow for plenty of breathability. Most uppers are also made of genuine leather or suede.

For new walkers, the flexible outer sole of our baby shoes both protects your child’s foot and allows them to feel and grip them ground.