It all began with a leap into the unknown and a deep desire to answer this question: How do we make a shoe so perfect that you will be elevated all day long?

Twelve years later, we’ve created a meticulously-designed labor of love in soft, rich leathers, crafted to empower and support, to mold to your foot, to hold you just right. Just think of what you could accomplish when you feel fully supported.

So follow your flame and burn bright – we’ve got you.



  • Luxe leathers for extreme comfort
  • Versatile and timeless style
  • Sheep leather lining
  • Hugs your foot (no stiff backers)
  • Padded heel with reduced slippage
  • Dual density insole foam
  • Shock absorbing rubber outsole

4-Layer Protection

1. Bronze sheepskin liner for comfort

2. Lower density for soft cushion

3. Higher density for all-day support

4. Slip-resistant rubber sole for added traction