Co-Creating With Kids

Meet our newest designer, Catie! She is the inspiration behind this season’s Unicorn sandal. Last year I took a road trip to the South and made a stop at one of our favorite retailers, The Purple Peanut, in Huntsville, Alabama. Fans came from all over to talk with us and that’s where I met a little girl named Catie.

I asked her, if she could design any shoe, what would it be? Her absolutely certain and clear reply was that she wanted a unicorn shoe with a sparkly rainbow mane. Why not? We understand the power of including many voices into our design process.  It felt like a super fun opportunity and challenge to take her lovely colorful idea and to actualize it into a sandal. Fusing Catie’s imagination with our ethic of shoe functionality and keeping feet healthy is all the things we care about. A marriage of inspiration and making beautiful healthy shoes.

Once the Unicorn shoe was designed and came into being, we reached out to Catie’s family and planned a surprise photo shoot where we were able to show her the product we’d made together and remind her of her creativity.  One of our missions is to preserve and celebrate that boundless creativity of children and we were so thrilled to be able to do this with Catie.


Mitzi, Co-founder of Livie & Luca

Unicorn Sandal
Unicorn SandalUnicorn Sandal


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