Designed to Shine

Metallics as a color trend continue to be huge for adult and kids fashion in 2019. Metallics have been a factor in fashion since the Greeks, Romans and Ancient Egyptians, when they elevated the average toga or linen dress with gold thread or embroidery to show status. The Romans even developed a fabric made of real gold!  Jumping forward in history, In the early 20th century metallic gowns were popular with movie stars - check out this gorgeous lamé silver gown worn by Frances Langford in the 1930’s or Ida Lupino in a fabulous leather trench coat from the 1940’s.        

Through the mid to late 20th century metallics were a statement piece for musicians  - an example being David Bowie in in his 1987 Glass Spider Tour. 

The rockstar chic look translated easily onto runways and into our everyday fashion. Metallics keep hitting the catwalk and the city streets into this century, no longer just a status symbol. What makes them so compelling for the contemporary fashionista, young or old?

First, the eye-catching factor. A flash here, a sparkle there - your eye is instantly drawn to the outfit. Used in moderation, gold or silver not only draw our attention, but elevate a look.  Today metallics bring edge and urban style to an outfit, showing off the confidence and creativity of the wearer.

Also, metallics are so easy to pair with any color.  Hues like gold, rose gold and champagne pair best with warm colors and earth tones while silver and pewter look better with cooler tones like blue and gray.



In children’s fashion, metallics lend a feeling of enchantment and bring that touch of magic to a child’s wardrobe. A shiny gold sneaker on the playground makes her go faster, a glittering ballet shoe can step into the secret world of fairies, and a silver slip-on will shoot her to the stars! 



This season Livie & Luca has the most variations of metallic ever, 18 different shoes in bold sparkles to subtle shimmers and lustres, from silver to pewter to champagne to gold.



Cleaning our Metallics

Use a soft dry cloth to remove any dirt and to avoid using anything wet when cleaning.

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