October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Two little girls by the campfire, one with down syndrome

Sofia in Ruche Butterscotch & Jacquelyn in Sonoma Camel

October is a month to shine light and inspire action to many important causes. We choose to highlight Down Syndrome Awareness. Why? Livie & Luca was founded to celebrate, empower, and foster wonder in the lives of all children. We take pride in sharing with the world the faces, the voices, and the power of every child. We've made it our mission to bring visibility to the beauty of difference. Children with disabilities have long been underrepresented in advertising and mainstream media and Livie & Luca takes a stand against this by ensuring that every season children of all abilities and ethnicities are represented joyfully, powerfully, and purely. In doing so, our feed, our community, and our brand is graced with a beauty that only diversity and visibility can create. We are proud supporters of an organization called Changing the Face of Beauty. They have helped us so much in connecting us with children with extra chromosome love!

In honor of this month, we've rounded up some fun quotes to bring awareness through joyful Down Syndrome quotes! 

  • "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little extra."
  • "There is nothing down about it."
  • "I am down right perfect."
  • "I have a homie with an extra chromie."
  • "The lucky few."

To our community who have children with DS, thank you for expanding our beauty, our hearts and our experience to include your stories and your faces. Thank you too, for letting our footwear support your foundation as you develop into amazing citizens of the world.

With +21 Love,

Mitzi & the Livie & Luca Team


Little girl with Down Syndrome wearing boots by a tent

Cora in Bobbie Bordeaux

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