Steppin' into a new category: First Walkers

What is a Baby’s First Walker Shoe?

First Walkers are designed just for babies and toddlers who are learning to walk, providing thin, flexible non-skid soles that are just right for the particular shape of the toddler foot.

Froggie First Walker

Featuring: Froggie T-Strap in Green

What makes Livie & Luca’s First Walker special?

  • A thin, flexible rubber sole that is more durable than the sole on our baby shoe but also mimics a natural range of motion and allows babes to connect to the ground beneath them.
  • A wide toe box to provide space for toes to spread & grip.
  • A front toe cap for protection.
  • Easy access for chubby feet.
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure for gentle support.


Lily First Walker

Featuring: Lily Mary Jane in Bright White & Rose Shimmer


Why is it important for you to choose First walkers?

  • Research shows that as the bones in the foot are beginning to harden, the foot needs a flexible soft-soled shoe that allows for natural movement and growth.
  • A thin rubber sole ensures the foot is protected when walking outside.

How do you decide whether to buy a baby shoe or a first walker?

If your child is crawling, pulling up, or cruising, you can stick to our baby sole. With its thin suede sole and rubber tread circles, our baby sole is also fine for indoor walking and light outdoor use.

Our First Walkers are suitable for babies taking their first steps and developing their gait, practicing walkers, and confident walkers.

Why did Livie & Luca expand into this new category?

As a company focused on innovation, we knew we needed to design a state-of-the-art sole just for new walkers that would be light, flexible and protective enough for the outdoors.

Our customers and retailers agreed: they wanted a shoe that was responsive to kids as they developed their walking skills out in the world.



Pogo First Walker

Featuring: Pogo Sandal in Royal Blue & Silver Metallic



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