Happy Holidays, Solemates!


Dear Solemates,

As we wrap up this year, we’ve been doing much thinking about Livie & Luca’s roots. After ten years of growth and evolution, we feel that the essence of Livie & Luca is still very much the same as when we were selling our first shoes out of the trunks of our cars. When we began, most important to us was giving, whimsy, random acts of kindness, celebrating the little things….We wanted to make a wonderfully flexible shoe that was bold and colorful, a shoe that told a story, a shoe that celebrated the beauty of detail. None of that has changed.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the chance to talk with a few loyal customers from around the nation to find out what they love about Livie & Luca.  What we heard over and over again was they appreciate how we aren’t scared to go against the grain a little and that we design from the heart, as real people and for real people.

As we move into the New Year we continue to make it our priority to connect and know you. We want to know what makes you tick, what stories you hold, what your hopes are. We want the heart we put into our shoes to be felt by each one of you, for our shoes to become woven into the quilt of your lives.  We cherish being a part of your memories and your children’s.

So, dear Solemates, know that we will not forget our roots and what made our very first pair of shoes so magical. We will always be that local brand, have that personal touch, and honor the little things that bring us and our community joy.

Here’s to sweet packages of delight and joyful surprises in the new year—

Happy Holidays!

Mitzi & Amie

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