How to Choose The Best Running Shoes For Kids

How to Choose The Best Running Shoes For Kids

Every day comes with the opportunity for a new adventure for kids. They discover new colors, taste new flavors, and explore new places. 

Choosing the right shoes for your kiddo is important, whether they’re just learning how to walk or they’ve been running laps around the house for a while. 

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes for your little one can become a daunting task when you’re met with velcro closures versus laces, a row of fancy brands versus a row of no-name brands, shoes with wheels, and shoes with flashing lights, among other options. Something that once seemed like a fun errand soon becomes stressful and overwhelming. 

However, the good news is that we’ve been there and done that. We are here to help you through the process with some helpful tips! 

What Are the Best Running Shoes for Kids?

We know how important it is for kids to feel confident in their bodies, minds, and spirits as they grow and develop. 

One of the ways they get to know themselves and the world better is by playing, running, and exploring. Comfortable and durable running shoes are non-negotiable when it comes to play-time and exercising. 

So then, what are the best running shoes for kids? 

Well, just as every kid is special in their own way, no two pairs of shoes are the same. 

Due to this, there’s no one perfect running shoe that works for every child! Maybe that’s not what you were expecting to hear. 

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a pair of running shoes out there that will work great for your little one, based on their specific needs and preferences. 

Here are some important elements you should consider when looking for running shoes that work best for your child:

  • Cushioning
  • Flexibility 
  • Breathability
  • Stability
  • Traction
  • Durability 

Now, let’s take a look at some tips that can help you during your process of choosing running shoes for your kids.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Running Shoes for Your Kids

We have some pointers for you to keep in mind every time you are looking for a new pair of running shoes for your kiddo: 

  1. What is your kid’s foot shape? 

The best running shoe for your child depends on the shape of their foot. 

Typically, feet come in three categories with low, high, and neutral arches. What type of arch does your little one have? Finding a pair of shoes that supports your child’s arch properly is very important because arch support can actually improve their posture and help with their sense of balance.

Additionally, some kids have more narrow feet while others have wider feet. Buying the best running shoe that accommodates the width of your child’s foot is incredibly important for a comfortable fit.

  1. What is your kid’s shoe size? 

This may seem like an obvious question, but it’s important to measure your kid’s feet and find out their shoe size. You don’t want to get them running shoes that are too big or too small. Their feet will swell when they run or exercise, which will make tight shoes pretty uncomfortable (this is especially true for young children who are constantly growing).

Make sure the shoes you pick have a bit of wiggle room! A good rule is that you should be able to fit a thumbnail’s space between your little one’s big toe and the end of their shoe. 

  1. How much will your kid be running? 

Something you should consider before buying running shoes is how much your little one actually runs. Your child should have a shoe that suits what they’ll be doing the most, whether that’s walking, running, or playing. 

Some shoes are definitely better than others for running. While this may seem obvious, keep in mind that a kid can’t run very well in boots or sandals. They truly do need running shoes that protect and support their feet.

  1. How much support does the shoe have? 

Even if your child isn’t planning on running a marathon this year, having a good amount of cushion and support is still very important. 

If they’re just learning to walk, they probably don’t need running shoes that are designed to protect their feet from the road. However, traction for different surfaces – such as the tile in your house or concrete in the backyard – is still essential. 

  1. What style of running shoe is best?

It can often be difficult to know what type of running shoes are the best when faced with a large variety of styles, patterns, and designs. Are lace-up running shoes the best? Maybe slip-on shoes are the right choice. Are velcro closures better?

If this sounds a bit like your thought process, don’t worry! We know there isn’t a lack of options out there. 

Just like every child is special in their own way, certain shoes are going to work better than others. Slip-on shoes and shoes with velcro closure can be a good option for young walkers and toddlers since they have the autonomy to put on their shoes by themselves. However, laces can often help a shoe fit more snugly to your child’s foot, giving them an added layer of support. 

The most important thing to remember is that your kiddo simply needs running shoes that offer support and comfort, no matter the style. 

Livie & Luca’s Running Shoes for Little Girls Kids

At Livie & Luca, we understand how important it is for little girls to feel comfortable when they run around and play. Our shoes are expertly designed for the healthy development of your little one’s precious feet. Here are just a few of our favorites: 

  1. Reeve Eco Sneaker 

First, say hi to our Reeve Eco Sneaker, which comes in two designs: a cute spotted caramel print or a sweet red print with the text “Our Best Day Begins at Home.” 

Reeve Eco Sneaker


The Reeve Eco sneaker is perfect for little ones who are learning to tie their shoes and features a hook-and-loop closure for quick on and off and laces.

  1. Ridge Eco Sneaker

Next, take a look at the dreamy Ridge Eco Sneaker that is perfect for running, riding bikes, or playing tag. 

Ridge Eco Sneaker

The Ridge Eco sneaker features removable footbeds for fit customization and is APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Approved. 

  1. Ravine Eco Sneaker 

Since Mary-Jane velcro closures are always an adorable choice, we have the Ravine Eco Sneaker in both denim and coral. 

Ravine Eco Denim Sneaker

Ravine Eco Coral Sneaker

The Ravine Eco sneaker is cute enough for dress-up but also durable for heavy play. 

Running Shoes from Livie & Luca for Little Boys

At Livie & Luca, we love how much energy little boys have to run around, play, and create worlds in their imaginations. We understand how important it is to have durable and washable shoes that they can wear over and over again, no matter how dirty they get. Here are just a few of our favorites: 

  1. Naviglio Sneaker

First, meet the Naviglio Sneaker. This grown-up-looking running shoe will let your little one feel like a big kid! 

Naviglio Sneaker

With a t-strap hook-and-loop closure, it’s easy to take on and off and is adjustable for growing feet.

  1. Ridge Eco Sneaker 

Say hello to the Ridge Eco Sneaker. This shoe is part of our ReJoy collection and is crafted using the highest quality organic and recycled materials. 

Ridge Eco Sneaker

Featuring removable footbeds for fit customization, this APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) approved washable shoe is made to last.

  1. Lynx Sneaker 

Next, meet the famous Lynx Sneaker. This is our super flexible & lightweight Athleisure-inspired sneaker. 

LYNX Sneaker

Time and time again, we hear that kids are addicted to this shoe. It’s so easy for them to slip on themselves (no matter the foot type), and they don't want to take it off.

Choosing the Best Running Shoes for Your Kid

When you’re a kid, you get to discover something new every day. 

At Livie and Luca, we believe every child should have the opportunity to run around, chase butterflies, build sandcastles, and learn more about themselves while feeling comfortable and supported. 

It fulfills our purpose to provide footwear for your little one’s needs and see the capacity of what our shoes can do. Check out the different types of running shoes we offer for kids and enjoy shopping! 

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