How to deal with meanness

Every morning at 10:38 am our team meets for the “Daily Huddle.” Even when we are working remotely, we get on-line and digitally join our co-workers in the Emeryville office for 10 minutes of coming together to reset and share our best energy. This usually includes a short meditation or maybe a quote, perhaps a few lines of journal writing or even a mini dance party! 

In the Huddle this morning I shared an idea that popped up in an e-mail. The gist of it is that sometimes people are unkind (this particular email was about the nastiness of online trolls) and it’s hard to know how to react. After a mean comment, we might experience a range of feelings from deflation and sadness, to defensiveness and anger. And our instinct might be to fight back. But in doing so we don’t usually feel better about ourselves and we are putting more negative energy into the world. Here’s another way to look at: for every unkind word or unkind act we receive, we put a kind word or act back into the world. Not only does it make others feel good, but it also restores goodness in ourselves. 

What can you do to put loving-kindness back into the world? 

-Say something nice to a stranger

-Thank people for doing their jobs and tell them they are appreciated  (a grocery clerk, a bus driver, a flight attendant!)

-Do a favor and expect nothing in return

How about your kiddos? What if they are the brunt of a mean comment at school? How can they not only make themselves feel better but uplift others as well?

-they could hold the door open for a kid they don’t know

-help a teacher after class

-thank the custodian for their work

-give a friend a compliment


So give it a try. I already have and it works!

Learning new things every day,


Mitzi xo

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