Inspiration Day

Fifteen years ago, on a stroll in the Berkeley Hills with my baby son Luca, I had a revelation: that I could no longer take the safe life path I had been walking, that I needed to step onto the unforged track and follow the voice of my heart. That voice was telling me to spread joy in the world. I heard this message loud and clear, but how to do this?

Shortly after that, on Luca’s 1st birthday, a dear friend gave him a pair of red “fox” baby shoes, which were so darling and whimsical they made my heart leap. The seed of inspiration was planted. Over the next few weeks, it melded together: the unforged track, the little fox shoes... I needed to put the joy sparked by these precious shoes out into the world. And so, the idea for our company, Livie & Luca, sprouted and began to grow strong and free. 

Every year, we celebrate the genesis of that idea, and we call it our Inspiration Day. One of the core values at Livie & Luca is inspiration. We seek inspiration by stepping off the beaten path, by moving away from playing it safe, which really is living our truth, something that is not easy to do all the time. Every day, we try to find inspiration and solace in a life that’s truthful. To us, living truthfully means not living in a contrived zone of mastery, but of trying and failing and trying again. 

We invite you to celebrate Inspiration Day with us by living your truth, by making mistakes and by taking chances. 

In honor of this day we are offering 50% off select styles use code: INSPIRE
With every Livie & Luca purchase today, we will be donating to others on their personal journey*.

Courageously choosing joy,


*Learn more about donations at Delivering Good

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