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sustainability_blogSustainability – the buzz word of our time, right?

We all have an idea for what it means and how it’s put into practice. I know I’ve been thinking about it and trying to live it for many years, both at home and at work. Last night I looked up the definition of sustainability and found it perfectly fit my ideas about how it’s put into play here at Livie & Luca: the capacity to endure, the potential for long-term maintenance or well-being. What does that mean for us exactly?

Well of course it means being green and socially responsible. That’s something that is top priority for us, from sourcing non-toxic and recycled materials and using environmentally-friendly methods, to recycling and re-distributing shoes to families in need, and to providing safe and healthy conditions for the workers that make our shoes.

Tied to this is that broader definition of creating a company that is healthy and well, and focused on that long-term maintenance. When I say health I’m talking about all aspects of the company, from the well being of our factory workers, our customer service reps, our office workers and all the way to you and your children. We make our shoes to put joy into the word and a smile on your face, but we also prioritize healthy foot development and overall comfort in each design.

So we eat lunch together every Friday at our offices, we take those extra minutes to provide compassionate customer service, we make sure a shoe sole is perfect for a developing baby foot – all these are ways to make our company healthier, happier and yes, sustainable! Here’s to many more years of us and you.

Did you know that you can recycle our shoes with us for free shipping on your next purchase? Be sure to contact for details!

Here’s to sustainbility,

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