Livie & Luca Inspired DIY Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner! Rather than making your way to the big Halloween superstore and spending an absurd amount of money on some superhero-inspired scraps of polyester, why not do things a little differently this season!

Inspired by our most beloved shoes, we’ve created some memorable costumes that are as simple to make as they are ADORABLE! Download our DIY instructions to bring our most beloved L&L critters to life this Halloween!




Shop Pipkin!

Download the Pipkin How To: DIY_PipkinCostume_HowTo



Shop Elephant! 

Download the Elephant How To: DIY_ElephantCostume_HowTo



Shop Petal!

Download the Petal How To: DIY_PetalCostume_HowTo

Don’t forget to tag us in your costume creations! Happy Halloween!

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