Mitzi's Road Trip through Arkansas

It’s a wonderful thing to talk face to face. Phone calls and emails are just fine, but a real conversation complete with little sighs, facial expressions and hand gestures can give you a whole other world of insight. And that’s why I keep going on road I can keep talking to you face to face and keep learning all it is you need to share with me!

This month I hit ‘The Natural State’ of Arkansas. I visited four stores in four towns (Cutie Patootie in Paragould, Kiddly Toes in Jonesboro, Sassy Stitch in Searsy and The Toggery in Little Rock ) and met owners, employees and customers and again had a chance to listen and learn.

I learned about what we are doing well as a company and what you love about Livie & Luca (thank goodness there is plenty). I also learned a bunch about what we need to keep working on and got some great ideas for future Livie & Luca designs. Here were some of your ideas:

  • more neutrals and pure whites
  • a big girl wedge
  • rain boots
  • purses
  • more sandals for boys

These road trips are so incredibly important to me and to our company because we get to hear all your voices and to have real and lengthy conversations about what matters to all of us. I heard from grandmas who love to buy for their precious grandchildren, I heard from moms who are grateful their children can wear the same pair of shoes to school and church and I heard from little girls who can’t get enough sparkle or shimmer!

You know Livie & Luca is all about spreading joy so we had to throw some of that into our trip!  Through the foster children advocacy organization, CASA, we gave out 500 Andy’s Frozen Custard cones to foster children.  It was very exciting - we had CASA representatives from several counties and even the news came! These festive occasions are all part of our grand plan to spread joy to one million kids!

Thank you for being out there, Solemates, and for being willing to share your time and opinions with us.

See you on the road!

Mitzi xo

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