MJ + L&L BFF Collaboration

It is no secret that Matilda Jane & Livie & Luca are besties. Over the years, little girls all over the world have paired their “Livies” with their “MJ” creating outfits that celebrate the essence of childhood. We are strong brands on our own but together we create magic and today, we are delighted to share this magic with you! I’m thrilled to announce our co-branded capsule comprised of 4 fun styles! These shoes will be sold exclusively through Matilda Jane Trunk Keepers nationwide.



After designing Yellow Petal, I hugged it, and I told it “your job is to spread joy” and I gave it a kiss (I literally did this as I do with all of our styles) and I surrendered it into world. Petal set off to do just that -- she walked her way into the hands of Denise Demarchis, the founder of Matilda Jane, who was immediately sparked with the joy that Petal offered.

Denise was smitten! She photographed Yellow Petal with her collection and MJC customers and Trunk Keepers loved them so much that we SOLD OUT nationwide in 1 week! She then set off to “meet the crazy lady who designed the shoes she obsessed about.” And then she found me. And so, our friendship was born. A friendship that would burst open my heart and forever change the course of my work and the course of my life forever.


You see, like me, Denise was about impact. We shared a very similar mission, and vision for our lives. We wanted the products we designed and the customers who embraced them, to FEEL our love and intention in every stitch and detail. We knew that if we did this we’d powerfully impact and uplift the world through joy and goodness.

Together we created magic and we had big plans we were going to do hand in hand but my darling Denise died of cancer in June of 2015-just when were getting started. When Denise passed away, I made a promise to myself and to her that I could carry MY joy flag as strongly and powerfully as I could. That is why this collaboration is so important to me. As I did with that first yellow petal, I do this with these now. I have tasked these 4 shoes to spread joy, and I now release them to you! I invite you to join me, and wave your Joy Flag, and keep doing so all season long, as you keep little girls little, and put a colorful little pep in their step!

Matilda Jane and Livie and Luca shoes

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  • Mary Anne

    So happy to see Livie & Luca together with Matilda Jane! Have been matching my grand daughter’s Matilda Jane clothing with her Livie & Luca shoes for years! Just love both brands!

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