Mosey Handmade for Livie & Luca

We are over-the-moon to announce our collaboration with Mosey Handmade! When we first saw Mosey Handmade's designs, we felt a genuine connection. These gorgeous, whimsical hats and crowns have the same energy as our own – they pull on your heart strings!

Mosey’s founder and maker, Jes Anthonis, has created a line of party hats and crowns that will be sweet accompaniments to our favorites spring shoe styles. Incorporating elements our designs - up-cycling leftover leather as leaves, our button and stitch patterns - she has made a collection that is imbued with love and joy and the magical essence of childhood.

We met up with the Queen of Handmade her workshop to chat about her inspiration behind Mosey Handmade. 

L&L:   Why collaborate with Livie & Luca?

JA:  We adore Livie & Luca! Not only from a design perspective but from a values perspective, they know how magical childhood is and how important play & imagination are to not only our children but for the world!
Also my own sweet babies have grown up wearing Livie & Luca. They are as stylish as they are functional and the shoes last forever - that’s another thing we love! 

L&L:  What is your biggest inspiration for your designs?

JA: Always always my children! They bring such wonder and joy to my world. Also I love getting out in nature and seeing what textures and colors I find there. 


L&L:  What is the path that led you where you are today?

JA:  I was an art school graduate and a kindergarten teacher when I had my first child, Emelia. I really wanted to be able to stay at home with her and spend the most time possible with her in those first few years, I decided to start a work-at-my-kitchen-table craft business and it grew from there. It has been such a gift to be able to raise my children alongside my business! I also credit social media and the wonderful Waldorf and maker communities, which have been this huge tribe and allowed so many mothers to become business owners and always rally around one another. 




L&L:  What are a few words you would use to describe your products?

JA:  Whimsical, Playful & Enduring


L&L:  What are the core values of your business?

JA:  We value play & imagination -- and CELEBRATION! We love to bring heirloom quality pieces to our clients, things that can help them keep the memories of childhood long after those little ones have grown! 


L&L:  What do you see down the road?

JA:  We would love to keep collaborating, it is such a lovely way to work. Having a bunch of creative minds in the room is truly transforming. We also love our community so much and would love to give more back!
We are working now towards employing women in our community, stay at home moms, that can take work home with them...essentially giving them the opportunity to earn income and do something creative at home while raising their children and supporting their families.  

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