My Garage is a Treasure Trove


My Garage is a Treasure Trove (or Don’t Overlook the Sale Page):

My garage happens to be a storage facility for our gently worn photo shoot samples and prototypes that have never made it to production. It also includes some extra stock from prior seasons, which we use for donations and warehouse sales.

Word of advice, don’t ever overlook our sale page! The shoes may not have been our best sellers, the ones that disappear by mid-season, but then again, we only sell really cute shoes.

My garage is truly a treasure trove.

Should I Really be Sharing This? (or How I Reduce):

My kids and I don’t have a ton of shoes. Mom, you’ll recall the time we couldn’t find Andres’ ONE pair of Livie & Luca’s while dropping him off for a quick visit with you, and him having to walk around barefoot. You said to me, “You’re the owner of a shoe company, why does your son only have one pair of shoes!?”

There it is, I said it.  One pair of shoes.

My Son Wears Used Shoes (or How I Reuse) :

When my youngest son Emilio outgrew his soft-soled Livie & Luca’s recently, I found a pair of gently worn Woodland boots in the garage. I love these shoes. I just want to gobble up Emilio in this picture, shoes and all. They are on our very first sole, and have the whimsy and magic that is characteristic of our designs.


Screen Shot_emilio


Dress Made Out of an Old Sheet (Or How I Recycle):

My friends from high school can recall how much I loved thrift store shopping. Rose, are you reading this? I don’t do much thrift store shopping these days but recently, I needed a rare wardrobe boost before a trip to visit some key customers and I found an amazing dress made out of a vintage sheet. I love it.




Don’t Overlook our Sale Page (Revisited)

This blog piece is quite timely, as we’ve just announced our first sale of the season on select children’s styles. Bernal Tweed is my favorite, and I can’t wait to get a pair for little Emilio. But, then again, he’s still doing fine with ONE pair of Paulo’s loafers, so it probably won’t be until I am so lucky as to run across a pair that may or may not make it to my garage. That’s ok. I hope YOU take advantage and grab a cute pair while you can.


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