Quarantine Postcards from Solemates 2

Nancy in the garden

Today we’re checking in with another two mamas who have gotten creative with their kiddos over these past 12 weeks.

First, Nancy S. and her garden!

My name is Nancy and I'm a high school teacher in Texas and a mother of four kids between ages 10 and 1. 

One of the things the kids wanted to do was start their own vegetable garden after we visited a friend of ours who showed them all about taking care of the plants and how in the end they would get to enjoy the vegetables and the fruits. I always told them we would do it later, because teaching and taking care of the kids is crazy busy for me.

In March, when schools got cancelled, I asked the kids if they wanted to start the mini garden since we would be home for a while. They were so excited! We asked my husband to take us to buy the plants and soil. We came home loaded with peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers and watermelon plants. The kids had a blast bringing everything to the backyard and they loved watching their dad build the mini garden.  They all took turns watering the plants for the first time!

Now, every morning, they go outside and check on the progress. One day it will be something like "there is a tiny strawberry growing" followed by "the strawberry is turning red" and then "a bug is eating the strawberry!" and they all take off running to see what is happening and to make sure the ants go away. 

Taking care of their mini garden has given a sense of responsibility and so much to look forward to every single day! One day they saw a potato growing and they couldn't wait for dad to come home from work to tell him the good news. 

We have spent this time with lots of online learning, cleaning their rooms, watching family movies together, eating lots of popcorn, jumping on the trampoline, and watching their mini garden change and grow those tiny vegetables right before their eyes. This mini garden has brought so much happiness to their little hearts and seeing them happy gives me so much joy.

And here’s Julie L. who has been making beautiful wall hangings and turning old Tea Collection clothes into facemasks:

Julie and daughterJulie & Elie

We are a small family of three in San Mateo, CA. My daughter is 4 and I am now working at home and her school is closed. I am a super creative person and need the outlet especially when I have to stay home.

Here’s a picture of my rainbow wall hanging!   A sign that better days are coming. I also needed some creative space during this time. I’ve been working from home and it’s been hard with a 4 yr. old.


They take a few days to make. The masks I made because the mask requirement came into place and masks were nowhere to be found! So I improvised!

Ellie on scooterElie in her home-made face mask

We are inspired by your beautiful projects, Solemates! Keep ‘em coming!

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