Quarantine Q & A with Olympic Hopeful, Steven Benedict

Track-and-Field athlete, Steven Benedict, co-designed and named this season’s Hero shoe. He kindly answered some questions for us about quarantine life, his organization “Fostering Success”, and holding off on the Olympics for another year. 

 Steven Benedict and the Hero Shoe


How are you holding up during these quarantine days? Can you share what you've been up to or what's keeping you sane?

I'm holding up about the same as anyone I believe. Trying to maintain a positive mindset and be productive at the same time which can be tricky at times. 

It has helped me to slow down a bit and work on some personal aspects that have been neglected far too long. So besides really developing my personal brand, I have also really enjoyed the chance to work on myself internally. 


Like everyone, we're so disappointed about the postponement of the Olympics until next year. How difficult is that for an athlete who was ready to perform and now has to put it off?

Yes, the postponement of the games was a big blow to many athletes’ development but also was a necessary decision to make for the safety of the athletes and the games. My perspective is that it just gives me more time to become better and enjoy the process. 


Can you tell us about "Fostering Success", why you started it, and why it's so important to you?

Fostering Success is definitely a unique brand that is near and dear to my heart. I see it as pieces of who I am, but by no means about me. What I mean by that is, I have brought the elite athlete side of who I am and the foster kid side, and married them together. Changing the way nonprofits are done, by having tangible pieces like a documentary book, a gala, and ultimately building out a foster home involving sports team organization, will give children not only a place to express but also outlets to grow. 


In a few words, what was your path to athletic success and why do you think you've been successful?

My path was not very streamlined. There were a lot of lessons along the way but none more important than learning how to be a role model and setting an example that can impact one life that sets off a chain reaction of many. Why do I think I've been successful? I don't really look at it as success. I'm just doing something I love and able to share it with others along the way. That is a very hard thing to do nowadays, not settling and fighting for what lies in your heart. 


How about a few closing words of advice for future Olympic hopefuls?

Never be boastful, rather stay humble, be willing to learn, and always help others if you feel you have something you have learned that they can benefit from. 


"It’s not just to have exceptional gifts, but to use them exceptionally. That is how we bring color to the world and impact others lives"
-Steven Benedict-

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