Taking Co-Creation to the Next Level

Update: The bond offering closed on June 11th, 2020.

Dear Solemates,

Today, we’re so excited to announce our partnership with SMBX, a marketplace for small business bonds. Together we’ve created an opportunity where you can invest in Livie & Luca by purchasing LIVI Small Business Bonds. For as little as $10, you can invest in our company, and you’ll earn principal plus interest monthly. Anyone with a US Bank Account or a US Bank Credit Card can invest without additional accreditation. Click here to learn more>

Why now? Because we’d like you to grow with us as we look to the future for hope and opportunity.

Fifteen years ago, when we began Livie & Luca, we had no idea what this journey would hold. We were and continue to be a small, women/minority-owned business. We knew we wanted to build something that would spread joy and positively affect the lives of others. These days, more than any others, show that we’ll always have uncertainty ahead, and the only way to prepare for it is to make our foundations strong using the values we hold true. 

We have also built our company and our product with you - listening to your feedback, building playgrounds, designing shoes, and writing books - because collaboration is what breathes life into everything we do at Livie & Luca. 

As we considered our next phase of growth, we took a long hard look at what got us here and whether the values of collaboration and community enrichment were present in our business. It was during this reflection that one thing became clear: the way we’d traditionally financed our company wasn’t fully aligned with the values that had brought us so much success and didn’t support the spirit of co-creation we believe is the cornerstone to Livie & Luca.   

Currently, banks are lending out customer’s deposits to other entities, say the small business owner, like me. The owner then makes interest payments on those loans, and the bank keeps this interest. Lending cycles like these can pull money out of the local community. We asked ourselves, How could we do this differently so that the money supports our desire to build a new kind of local economy? How can we keep Livie & Luca properly financed, benefit our community of Solemates, and create meaningful change? 

Small actions create significant change - our fifteen years of making joy-filled shoes have taught us that. Investing in us is a small but mighty way of breaking the cycle and allowing the interest and earnings to benefit you and the rest of our community. 

Let’s take co-creation into the future. 




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