Tiny steps (a letter from Mitzi)


I wrote this to you all on the beach in Spain about 10 weeks ago…

Dear Sole Mates,

I’m taking five weeks off to connect with myself and my family and to fill my cup of creative energy. The thing is… I love my work. It frees me, it makes my heart sing, but (there is always a but, isn’t there?) my mind goes faster than my body. I forget to feel. I design shoes in the shower, or walking in the streets of Barcelona. However, I often forget I have a body. I forget to listen to my breath, to focus on my thumbprints, roll my neck and hear the thump of my heart. So this is the point of my trip to Spain.

Barcelona was beautiful and one of the most inspiring place I have ever laid eyes on but here in Cadaques on the beach with its pristine water and old boats, I’m finding time to come into my body. My focus is to slow down my mind’s pace so that my body can join it. At this very moment, I can hear birds singing, see boats floating and feel sharp rocks underneath me as I write. It’s nice to give this sensory experience my mindful attention. A minor success! I this is the road I choose to take to achieve the stillness, clarity and peace for which I yearn.

This morning I went to Salvador Dali’s home which is right next door to our house. As I wandered through his home, looked out his windows, strolled through his kitchen, painting studio and bedroom, I could tell that he cherished slowing down his mind to connect to his body and this is where his art was born. Cadaques offered him a place to seek and find beauty and clarity.  Perhaps his footsteps will pave a little bit of my way too?


Today: During that trip I decided I needed to find my daily minimum needs–it took me 5 days to come up with a list of what I truly needed to do for myself everyday. Here’s my list:  eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water, get 8.5 hours of sleep, all beds need to be made every morning, bathrooms need to be clean, I need to touch something living every few hours, meditate for five minutes, stretch my body,  take a few deep breaths and write 5 things I am grateful for every night before I go to bed.

On a weekly basis, my minimums are to connect with a good friend, work out at least three times, go for a walk with my Frenchie, Nola, and make a wholesome slow cooked meal at least once. Every week I have a different intention. For example, last week I wanted to stay connected to my home life. I cleaned and cooked and made sure I had small moments with my family and time to putter.  This week it is feeling passionate about being in the relationship I’m building with myself, thinking about the things that bring me comfort and the things I have to do in order to foster that relationship. So I write, pray, meditate, and trust that I am on the path that leads to self-discovery.

Since implementing my small steps this summer, I’m a little softer, I’m a little more peaceful and a lot more honest with myself.   I try to say yes more, allow myself to think about what I yearn for, I’m clear in my work and not as afraid or anxious about being a leader and sharing my ideas with the world. Slowing down enough to connect my mind, heart and body together has brought me more joy than I thought possible.  Tiny steps is what it is all about.

With love,


Below are a few pics of Cadaques and Barcelona….


Cadaques by evening and its pristine waters by day


cadaques night cadaques pristin water



Below, Dali’s House and a view from his window


dail interiors dali's house a view from his window


And last, Barcelona!


barca1 barca2 barca3

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