Trip to Mexico

mexico1Coming back from Livie & Luca’s business trip to Mexico, I am left with a feeling of awe and amazement about our team of artisans. We spent time there connecting with our factories and the workers whose hands create the shoes you put on your little one’s feet.

To us, shoemaking is an art and we’d like you to hear about the people who use their carefully honed skills to make each shoe come to life, the employees that embody our mission to spread joy with every snip, fold and stitch.

We want you to know about Victor, our go-to person in Mexico who owns our main factory and creates our samples, whose integrity, honesty and commitment to maintaining the essence of Livie & Luca has made him one of our trusted partners.


And take a moment to think of our dear Laura, who helps us find that perfect button, and searches high and low for just the right color thread.

We want you to know about Jesus, Angel & Alejandro, whose shoemaking has been passed down through the generations. Take a moment to think of the hands that fold a piece of leather just so, carefully stitching each piece together to form the final product.

We want you to hear about Claudio, who manages the factory nicknamed “Lupita”, humbly giving all the credit to his team of cutters, stitchers, mounters, quality checker and whose connection to his staff and sense of team is what makes him such a strong manager.


The next time you find yourself with a pair of Livie & Luca’s in your hands, perhaps slipping them on your child’s feet on the way out the door, I invite you to notice the thread around the sole, the carefully folded ruffle, or perhaps the padding of the collar and think of Victor, Jesus, Alejandro, Claudio and Laura amongst dozens of others. They all take pride in knowing that the Livie & Luca shoes they craft can be found on little feet around the globe. We hope that you’ll also feel a connection with these wonderful people who are involved in the journey of our shoes. We love the thought of their hard work and dedication bringing a smile to your face.


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  • Julia Kurtz

    Why did you stop making them in Mexico? The ruche made in china have crappy foot beds & the color wears off almost immediately. Lots of people complaining about this in the fb l&l groups :-(

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