Our Bird Song




We dream of a day when every child is safe, educated and  delighted day in and day out! 
Our purpose is to spread joy!
We are blue-sky thinkers and believers, always.
Our shoes are playful, wondrous and good for little feet. 
They are for kids who climb trees and make mud pies and for kids who take a moment to ponder the bees and smell the flowers.
Whimsy and lightness guide us.  We are champions of bright color!
We’re infatuated with the tiniest of details: a silver button, a soft feather, a pink petal because this is how we show our love.  
We weave what you believe into what we create. 
We embrace all types of minds because this is where innovation is born.
Collaboration breeds wonder!
Every day we promise to be grateful, curious and mindful. 
We put on our party hats for trying and failing and trying again.
We take time for silly. We take time for wild. We take time for quiet. 
Each day, we will do one little thing that celebrates the joyful essence of childhood!
We commit to having children of all abilities be seen. 
We choose to tread lightly on our planet because we’re only passing through. Nature is our friend and guide.
We’re happy warriors, soaring high, flying bold with one mission: to give joy to millions of children.
Our mission is accomplished with small, daily and steady efforts because every little step forward matters.
If our birdsong speaks to you, lift your wings and join our joyous flock! 
Livie & Luca: Joyful Little Soles