Letter From Mitzi

Dearest Solemate,

Thank you to all of you that have reached out and inquired about us. All of our team except for our fulfillment center is adjusting to the rhythm of working from home and committed to prioritizing unity over individual success. It’s been a bit messy and we’re ok with it because creating a new way often is.

I want to own the delay in responding to you about the impact of Covid 19 on the world of Livie & Luca. Please know that it has been with intention. You see, right now the noise has fallen away making what is most important shine through. Livie & Luca was founded to remind you, me, us of our power to CHOOSE joy over fear, love over hate…to choose YOUR path over one that isn’t your size.

AND OH YES! We make pull-at your-heartstring-healthy-for-feet shoes as the vehicle to connect to you and to your littles. I paused in messaging you because I didn’t want to deliver this message without offering you, dear one, a source of comfort and community.

On Thursdays, we invite you to nestle into the Livie & Luca community. We're creating a space for you to be you, and for you to be with a safe community. We will give you a chance to share with others exactly where you are and together we will uplift and create a future that values joy, your path and the path of your little ones.

Join our team in a live meditation and discussion using the Zoom app on your computer or mobile device. 

Thursdays at 1:00 pm PST. 

How it works: 
Click this link at the specified date/time above to join the meeting:

Can’t make this time? Look for upcoming invites to join in community togetherness.

Love Wins,


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