Image of sloth shoes with sloth

Co-Creation Comes to Life

At Livie and Luca, we think everyone, of every age, should have the opportunity to take the road less traveled. To find what brings you joy. Our Co-Creation program - literally making products with you - is one way we empower you to tap into what you really love and see it come to life.

“If you could design any shoe, what would it be?” That’s what Mitzi asked 6-year-old Catie. In that moment, Catie pulled from her imagination a very detailed image of a unicorn shoe. The Unicorn Sandal has been enchanting feet since 2019.

Through another beautiful collaborative process, writer, Gillian Hill, and her son, Rory, co-wrote the illustrated book - “You are like an Otter Because…” to go along with our Otter endangered species shoe.

With the aid of teacher Karina Vargas, a Pre-K Spanish Immersion class writes about compassion through the struggles of a sloth with a book published by L&L called “Soy Amable Con Los Perezosos” or “I am Kind to Sloths”– it is featured with our Hop Sloth Camo Sneaker.

Olympic athlete, Steven Benedict, worked with us to hone the performance aspect of the Hero shoe in honor of the 2020 Japanese Olympics. Steven works with the brand, Fostering Success, which supports foster children in athletic and artistic pursuits.