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“Our retailers have all been impacted by the pandemic and our team is reaching out on a regular basis to see how we can help and to off er solutions to keep their businesses viable. We have created individual plans for each retail customer, including extending dating on spring ’20 products, returning products that are not turning and, in some cases, we are completely covering and writing off debt. There is no simple answer, so we are remaining as flexible as possible while bearing in mind that we, too, are a small business.”

Reading & Signing: You Are Like An Otter Because... Press Release

Livie & Luca® is a San Francisco Bay Area children’s shoe company creating delightful and healthy designs with impeccable construction and materials. We believe that everyone, of every age, should have the opportunity to find what brings them joy and to become their most authentic self... Download the full press release.

September 2019 Diablo Magazine

Livie & Luca Diablo Valley Magazine
Happy Tootsies: Livie and Luca
Emeryville-based brand Livie and Luca wants to ensure that kids have happy feet. Friends and designers Amie Garcia and Mitzi Rivas, who launched their business in 2005, make shoes with “the joyful essence of children in mind,” combining comfort, sustainable materials, and whimsical details in lines for boys and girls. From leather boots with appliquéd birds to sandals adorned with unicorns (right, $58–$64), these kicks will enchant the younger set.

New York Fashion Week Pop Up Shop

Details about the Livie & Luca Pop Up Shop during NY Fashion Week.

Changing the Face of Beauty Press Release

A new campaign by Changing the Face of Beauty along with Lola Creative Agency and Livie & Luca showcases the positive power of inclusive imagery in advertising— and for the teams behind the project, it’s personal.


11 Stylish Shoe Finds for Babies, Toddlers and Kids | May 26, 2017
by Leah Fitzhardinge

Winter 2017 Baby & Kids Magazine

Baby & Kids | Winter 2016
Page 17
Baby & Kids Magazine


Totally Awesome Awards Winner: Most Stylish Kids Shoes

Red Tricycle | October 2016
Parents voted for their favorite family-friendly businesses in the
2016 Totally Awesome Awards. 
Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards Winner