a letter to you….

Dearest Fans & Friends,

At Livie & Luca we believe that superior customer service is just as important as the product we sell. We suggest changing the term customer service to customer loyalty. It is who we are and how we build our relationships with you, our customers, that is most important for the health and sustainability of our company.

Just for a moment, imagine a tree. This tree started as a seed, and sprouted with Mitzi’s dream to spread joy and began growing with our first shoe sales.  As the branches grew and multiplied, with our staff, stores and customers representing new branches, the trunk grew stronger and the roots grew deeper.

If you look at it this way, no one person working for Livie & Luca, nor any store selling or customer buying Livie & Luca is less important for the health of the tree, or the health of the brand.

We are Livie & Luca. We sell shoes and we spread joy. Both equally important. We spread joy by creating beautiful, special, one of a kind shoes. But, we also spread joy through the way we run our business, our interactions with each other, with our customers, with anyone we come into contact with.

Every word, every smile, every email, every shoe sale, every phone call answered makes our roots grow deeper and our trunk grow stronger.

During this special time of year we want to express our sincere gratitude, and thank you all for your being a part of Livie & Luca. We’d also love to hear from you. Please drop us a line anytime with suggestions, feedback, or just to say hi.


Mitzi & Amie

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