A Livie & Luca Easter Story

Hello, I’m Molly, Queen Bee (or bunny) of Easter! Come and meet my friends - we’re getting ready for some spring festivities...


This is Cora who is eager to show off her seashell design made of tiny perforations. She’s also displaying her delicate embroidery and her utterly cozy inside and padded collar.


And here’s precious pink Penny with her french piping! Time for you to keep some little person’s feet comfortable while they learn to crawl and cruise, Penny.


And let’s not forget your partner in bright white and pink piping. You two are ever-so-smart with embroidered buttons on your straps.


Oh and here’s Ruche! Yes you’re very charming with your ruffles and scallops, are you ready for some fun?


Finn, you’re smart as can be with your caramel-candy color and fancy woven straps. Looks like the Easter bunny left his snacks behind.


Here’s Tako! She’s ready to dance and take flight like the Japanese kite she’s named for. What pretty easter blossoms and butterflies she has on her sole.


Moon, we see you up there dancing in the skies! You make us all want to jump up and move, twirl and swish, stomp and glide - to be whoever we want to be.


Okay everyone, time to celebrate the day in shoes that support the love of play!


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