Timeless Creations

We support the sustainability movement by crafting durable and timeless products, made to be cherished and well-worn. Partnering with biomechanists and wellness experts ensures our designs support healthy feet and will last several generations.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

Our products are made with quality components and craftsmanship that guarantees they will be kept as keepsakes or passed along to another child. This is the core of Livie & Luca: products that are created with care, intention, and a little magic.

Our Top Initiative

With Spring 2021 launched our first-ever sustainable collection, ReJoy, featuring styles crafted with post-consumer recycled or organic materials (including vegan glue!) As of Spring 2022, we continue to add vegan styles in a myriad of new colorways..

Other Initiatives

  • We use CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certified lead-free leather in our shoes.
  • Our shoeboxes are made from post-consumer recycled materials and can be used as the shipping box to reduce packaging.
  • Starting in 2016 we created the Sweet Remnant shoe, made from the scraps of leather from our factory floors.
  • In Fall/Winter 2020 we created Bobbie, our first shoe designed with post-consumer recycled materials.
  • We participate in an exclusive re-sale program through Kidizen, a kids’ apparel resale site. Since our products are made to be well-worn and passed along, they are ideal for REWEAR. We invite you to be part of the new circular economy by reselling used Livie & Luca shoes for an average of $25-40 on Kidizen. For each resale, you can earn points for future purchases in our Livie & Luca Rewards program. Make sure our high-quality products you no longer need move into another child’s closet instead of into a landfill!