Limited Edition & Web Exclusive: Kea Soft Gold

Kea is Livie & Luca's take on the traditional menorquina or avarca shoe, a traditional style made in Spain. She is a sweet and playful peep-toe sandal on our Path sole, which is incredibly durable, flexible and seamlessly designed.

Fruit prints are trending all over the design world and this inspired our approach. At Livie & Luca, we always try to design a shoe that lets your children's imagination do the work.

Our pineapple motif is a joyful and festive ode to warm tropical weather! Made with the softest gold shimmer suede with green leather trim, this sandal will keep your little one’s feet comfortable and healthy as she skips and adventures through the summer months.

Our creative team has redesigned this style from past collections, like the Kea Watermelon, with our customer feedback in mind. This design now includes soft, supple suede material in an effort to be more comfortable and smooth on your little one's feet.

This limited edition style, Kea Soft Gold, is our way of sharing the essence of the tropical summer with you, we hope you enjoy! xo

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