Backstage with an L & L Solemate – the first interview!

June 21, 2013

Welcome to the first installment of Backstage with an L & L Solemate where you will get a sneak peak into the life of a loyal Livie & Luca customer! To start us off, we have the multi-talented Michelle Sterling – photographer, speech therapist and blogger. We hope you enjoy!

Welcome Michelle!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I live in Southern California and am a photographer and a speech therapist.  I appreciate good design.  I have a four-year-old daughter and two-year-son and I document some of the things we do together on my blog,

How long have you been a L & L Sole Mate?
Since 2010.

How did you learn about Livie & Luca shoes?
I can’t recall exactly, I must’ve seen them online somewhere.  When I first laid eyes on L&L’s shoes, I knew they were something special.  It was hard to decide on the first pair of L&Ls to buy, and in the end, I bought my daughter (who was one-year-old at the time) a pair of Eve’s Red Apples.  In fact, they were the subject of one of my first blog posts.

What do you love most about Livie & Luca?
The design, bright colors and durability.

What is your favorite Livie & Luca shoe of all time?
I think that would be a toss-up between Eve’s Red Apples and Pio Pios.

What’s your favorite thing to do when wearing our shoes?
My kids go everywhere in their Livie & Lucas!  They especially love discovering new places, like a park they’ve never been to or a new bakery in town.

Who did you buy shoes for? Do you often shop for these children?
Almost all of my children’s shoes are by Livie & Luca!  I look around at other brands but seem to always come back to Livie & Luca.

Describe the Livie & Luca shoe you would love to see in the future.
Right now, we are loving the Olive sandal in red and would love to see more like it in the future.  And of course, we love seeing the classic Barcelona sandal come back every year.

Thanks so much, Michelle!

Below are Michelle’s cute kiddos out and about in Juno Black and Leo

New Livie and Lucas Blog 3 New Livie and Lucas Blog 2

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