Clogs N More Kids!

Today we’re featuring Clogs N More Kids in Portland, a loyal brick-and-mortar store that sells Livie & Luca. We asked them a few questions and they were kind enough to answer!

What’s the story of your store? What makes your store special?

Our store has a local and family-based atmosphere with plenty of colorful, stylish, and well made brands. We have a relaxed and compassionate staff to help size and fit children. We value the dynamic families that come through our door and treat them with a gentle respect, rather than a forceful approach to selling the product we carry. The store is designed so that all of the shoes on the wall are displayed by size and are all ready to be tried on. Clogs-N-More Kids is mindful in our service to try to understand what our neighbors want with patience and kindness.




How would you describe your city or neighborhood?

The Hawthorne district of Portland is known for its artistic and outdoorsy crowd and its small subculturally-oriented shops. It is also very laid back and has a family friendly atmosphere.

How long have you been carrying L&L?

Around three years and we always get people gravitating toward the adorable styles.




What is your favorite shoe this season and why? 

We love the reliable London boot and we appreciate the new fur line update!




What’s the most unusual or funny thing to happen in your store?

On a daily basis we are reminded to enjoy the presence of the children and their humorous honesty. They are truly in the moment and are, for the most part, not afraid to share how they feel. I can tell you some of the best moments in the store have been connecting with the children on their level, calling to mind the child within us all who is here to learn and grow from our experiences.


Thanks so much, Clogs N More Kids!

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