Design Inspiration For Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Have you ever been to a land whose picturesque streets, music, culture, architecture, art and food inspire you everywhere you turn? This is how we feel about Sayulita, Mexico and our Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

This place is right out of a dream! The laid-back lifestyle of this small coastal town makes you want to stay forever; the beautiful terrain is one-of-a-kind, melding the worlds of beach, desert and jungle.

Imagine cacti, palm trees, coconuts and pineapples; picture luscious oranges, poppy pinks and mesmerizing azures. We’ve woven this wondrous imagery together to create a collection of shoes and sandals that we are so incredibly proud of. We hope to brighten your world with a happy color palette while focusing on maximum comfort and health of a little one’s foot.

We chose colors that closely matched the vibrant hues that surrounded us -- the artwork, the brightly colored buildings, beaches, abundant flora and Sayulita's gentle way of life. Just like what we saw there, our shoes are colorful works of art with whimsical handmade details. And just like what we felt there, our shoes are full of comfort and ease!

Pom Pom Woven Sayulita PursePom Pom Sayulita DecorationEmbroidered Sayulita Pillow  

Pom Pom Sayulita DecorationsHandmade Sayulita Macramé Hand-stitched Hand-painted Sayulita Skull

Here are a few more details about what's new:

  • We wanted to highlight the special little things that one sees when traveling throughout this region. Rosa is blooming with beauty & inspired by the beautiful bougainvillea gardens draping across the buildings.
  • We decided to experiment with embroidery for the first time! Frida has this hand-stitched flower detail and we named her after Frida Kahlo. We wanted a shoe that celebrates beauty and strength of girls and women everywhere.
  • We decided to take a new approach on our vegan shoes and incorporate the use of textile fabric and bright pop colors with Carta II & Hayes, representing the local fabrics & artisanship.
  • Our mission is to surprise and delight, so what is better than a special surprise when you step into the sun!? Our innovative sunprint material on the Peppy Flamingo & Hayes Coyote sneakers will amaze your babe and spark curiosity.
  • Aurora is one of our all time favorite & this season, we showcase her in golden coral & ocean sparkle color ways. We are excited to announce that we’ve brought her up to youth sizes!
  • Select sandals are now in youth as well! This season we expanded our size offering to include youth sizes 1 through 3 in the following styles: Carmen, Paz, Athena & Posey
  • We show our love and craftsmanship in the tiniest of details -- Carmen, our peep-toe sandal, boasts an intricate laser cut floral pattern with a contrasting underlay.
  • We strive to be a champion of bright color and our Paz palette definitely shows it, especially in our lemon yellow, orange & red color ways!
  • Be sure to check out our new soft shimmer leather on our Posey Gold Shimmer & Athena Aqua Shimmer. It is very mermaid-esque and adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit.

We’ve designed each style for premium comfort and durability with flexible outsoles, padded collars, leather lining and adjustable closures.

Viva L&L!

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