Fall 2018 Collection: Happy Campers & The Great Outdoors

 Picture a trailer perched on a truck, furnished with mismatched china and cozy blankets, picture a big family preparing outdoor feasts on a campfire while skin-kneed, dust-covered kids explore, climb trees, pick wildflowers…this was my childhood happy camper experience.

In early fall, in all sorts of weather, my family went camping. And when I say my family, I mean the whole tribe - parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents! It was always a beautiful and wild experience and created the happiest memories of my early life.  

In particular it was a special time with my dad. Sitting on his lap, being enveloped in his arms as we roasted marshmallows, safe from the big bad bears, watching him carefully select a wooden staff, stake out the campsite and begin the fire. I cherish the protection and love the way I felt while being with him off the beaten path, and seeing his enjoyment of the raw beauty of the outdoors.

The freedom of exploring and having independence but knowing our parents were there was priceless. This is the spirit we’ve imbued in this fall collection, this is the intention we’ve held for all of our children. We want to give our children beautiful experiences of the great outdoors and we want them to feel safe, comfortable and loved.  

Two of our new styles that evoke this spirit are Juniper and Willow. A Mary Jane with scalloped edges and a pretty leaf motif, Juniper is an ode to the delicacy and richness of patterns in nature. She’s the sweet little plant you want to bend down and take a closer look at.

With a lovely bow and fringe, Willow is our soft and flexible moccasin-style shoe. She’s the perfect little nature child!

As a company, we express our love through cozy and comfortable design. We want all children to be happy campers, to go out into the world and have lots of room to explore, play, and experience nature, knowing we’re right there behind them.



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