Gratitude is a Choice

In the complex and beautiful work of running a small company over the years I’ve learned that when we come from a place of abundance, there is always enough to give and that approaching any situation with a spirit of gratitude enables us to do anythingWhen I think about the things I’m grateful for this year, they have all been made possible by working as a community and engaging with a full and giving heart. 

This human interconnection and spirit of generosity has contributed to our success and to making the journey of Livie & Luca such a joy. I’m talking about our customers and the trust you place in us to make your children the best possible shoes, about our wholesalers and brick-and-mortar friends who believe and promote us, our incredible and loyal customer service team who do this work because they love our shoes and our passion, about our factories who chose to do business and make shoes with us, and about our families and friends who lift us up in the times we most need it. Wholehearted abundance and gratitude are choices in the way we do business and I want to thank our Livie & Luca community for growing with us and becoming a part of our happy web.  

With gratitude,



And here is a little printable created just for you to share with the ones you love! Use as place cards, hang on strings above the table or on the back of chairs. Click here to print.

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