Happy Holidays

Dearest Solemates,

I’d like to wish you all a most magical season, no matter the holiday you celebrate. I know that this time of year offers us a moment to pause in awe of it all if we can let go just a little and let wonder in. These days I’ve been running around crazily trying to squeeze in business trips, work parties, kids’ holiday events and last-minute shopping.  I’ve been busy doing and going, unwilling to let go of any detail within my grasp.  

I imagine I am not alone in my grasping- and here is where my message begins… What I’ve noticed is that in all my rush to create wonderful holiday moments, I humbly recognize that most magic happens in the spaces in between: an aha collaborative moment with my right-arm-designer, Emily, those afternoon lulls with my kids before dusk turns to night, or a peaceful walk with my hubby, Carlos and Nola, my Frenchie. So much beauty is uncontrollable and instead of trying to make it happen, sometimes we just have to wait, watch and LET it happen. it will come…it always does, especially during this wondrous time of the year. So, no matter your winter holiday, let us celebrate softening into what IS and focus on the love that surrounds us.

With Magic, Warmth & Love,


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