Hello Spring 2017!


Livie & Luca is us and you. Although we design as professionals, from a place that is true to our roots, we recognize that you have made us into this beautiful company and for that we’re so grateful.

With that sentiment in mind, we built this Spring/Summer collection out of a collaborative process: we interviewed fans from around the country and asked them what spoke to them and moved them.  We heard their desire to maintain the essence of L & L –  be bold, be whimsical, surprise us! We heard words like lightness, color, spring, nature, cute critters, and from these evolved this season’s garden party theme. 

garden party

So, dear Solemates, imagine a secret garden with bright green grass, tumbling vines and abundant flowers. Children play hide-and-seek, take a sip of lemonade, stick their finger into a sprinkle-laden cake and giggle. A kitten peeks out from a bush and chases after a dandelion seed and birds on a branch watch the play from above. A few dreamers lie in the grass, eyes to the sky, letting their imagination take off. 

garden party

Here’s to more rocket ships, stars, cute critters and sweet times with you!

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  • Amy Radcliffe

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the larger selection of youth sizes!!!

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