Hello Spring 2020


Summer Olympics 2020! This season we are inspired by the country of Japan, its culture and the world-connecting events that will take place at the Olympics there this summer. We feel very much akin to the theme of these Olympics - a celebration of diversity and unity, ideals upon which we have built Livie & Luca. 


You will see this inspiration expressed in our imagery - the motif of Japanese kite flying, for example, and in our storytelling - the Japanese endangered river otter come to life in a shoe and book!

Later in the Spring we will be releasing our new activity shoes - The Kaboodle Collection! We developed the Kaboodle in collaboration with retailers and fans to create an all-purpose, performance-based activity shoe. These shoes are FUN, water-friendly, washable, quick-dry, and perfect for the playground to pool to picnic!  The outsole is made out of durable synthetic rubber with a breathable inner and we also developed a new outsole, which serves to repel water and provide plenty of traction for your active kiddos.

Livie & Luca has always placed the performance of our footwear above all else. We know the protection and proper growth of your little one’s feet are the most important aspects of any footwear.  This past year we have formalized our commitment to performance by working with biomechanics experts who have helped us ensure that our footwear allows children’s feet to move and grow unhindered and fully protected, while still delivering joy and delight through design. 

Honoring the spirit of play and how sports can unify us and committed to listening and designing with empathy, we share this Spring Summer 2020 collection with you.


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