Hop for Everyone

In the upcoming Olympics’ spirit of fun, play, and diversity, our unisex, easy on/off sneaker Hop hits the field in a pointillistic rainbow. Skateboarding will debut at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, so this little skater shoe is just the ticket for your little one to show solidarity with the athletes!


Hop was developed with the help of our customers who were looking for practical sneaker kids could put on by themselves and wear year-round. Because of this ease and versatility, Hop was one of our best selling shoes from 2019.

Hop's single front flap with hook and loop closures on both sides allow it to open wide and easily slide the foot in. It also provides maximum adjustability -- accommodating wide and narrow feet alike. Also, no need to worry about your little one lining up the hook and loop closure perfectly. Hop was specifically designed with exposed colored velcro so that no matter where the strap lands it always looks good!

This unisex vegan sneaker has a soft breathable mesh lining for active little feet and is crafted on our rubber Sprinter outsole, which is flexible, grippy and durable. The Sprinter sole is best for a medium to wide foot and fits like our Honeycomb sole. 

Go wild and mix this rainbow design with patterned outfits or make these beauties stand out by pairing with solids. Catch the skater vibe and pair with streetwear brands - bring on the hoodies, tie-dye, and board shorts! 

Practically speaking, Hop Tan and Hop Light Denim can take your little one from school to the playground to dinner out. They match well with casual summer gear or pick up the "dress casual" trend by pairing with dark denim and button-downs.



For extra ease, Hop’s canvas is easily washable. Just rinse shoes with warm water and scrub with a cloth or toothbrush using water and detergent. Repeat, then rinse and leave out to dry naturally, avoiding sunlight.

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