How To Fit Our Shoes

Livie & Luca offers a range of sole types to fit every child’s foot while promoting natural foot development. Many of our shoes are medium width, but we also offer wide and narrow fit to accommodate all foot types.

Additionally, our hook-and-loop closure helps adjust straps for a just-right fit.

Below we will show you:

  • Our fit-testing process.
  • How to measure your child’s feet.
  • How to find the right Livie & Luca sole for your child’s feet.
  • Which styles come on which type of sole.


A little about our fit-testing process

We take fit very seriously here at Livie & Luca. The design and product development team begin fit testing our styles as soon as the first patterns arrive.

Families in the community come to our headquarters and try on each style for comfort, size and pattern. We do this several times during the sample process to get every shoe just right.

Once we finalize the patterns in our sample size, we get what we call “extreme sizes” so that the range of sizes fit properly during production with the factories.

Our goal is to make the best possible shoe for your child’s natural foot growth and development.


Measuring your child’s feet

When sizing your child’s foot, measure from heel to toe in centimeters and round up if you are between sizes.

We recommend allowing 1/4" for immediate wear and wiggle room and natural foot development. It's a good idea to leave room for growth and socks!


Use a piece of paper to measure your child’s foot

  • Place the paper on a flat surface and line it up along the wall.
  • Draw a line down the piece of paper.
  • Place your child’s heel on the paper so that it is touching the wall. Have your child’s big toe and heel centered with the line that you drew.
  • Mark the paper at this point. Do this with both feet and compare the sizes.  
  • Use the outline to measure from back of the heel to the furthest toe out. Then, use the chart below to figure out what shoe size the child currently wears.
  • Always round up if you are between sizes.


Livie & Luca Soles and How They Fit

Baby: size 0 – 24 months, medium width

Turf: size 4-13, medium to wide in the forefoot.

Path: size 4-13, medium width

Trac: size 4-13, 1-3Y, medium width

Honeycomb: size 4-13, 1-3Y, medium width. Sole comes up over toe for protection.

Dancer: size 4-13, 1-3Y, narrow to medium width. Our slightly more dressy slim sole.

Keeper: size 10-13, 1-3Y, medium width


Soles for Current Styles (Spring/Summer 2018)

Baby Girl:  Rosa, Ruche, Petal, Cora, Pio Pio, Molly & Kitten

Baby Boy: Scamper, Elephant, Captain & Sagan

Turf: Pio Pio & Elephant

Path: Molly

Trac: Astrid, Petal, Bow, Carmen, Posey, Athena, Finn & Juno

Honeycomb: Ruche, Briar, Gemma, Serena, Carta II, Frida, Peppy, Hayes, Sagan, Captain & Jamie

Dancer: Aurora

Keeper: Fresca

Always feel free to contact our customer service team at if you need any help with sizing!


  • Tracy williamson

    Daughter foot is 7.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. She normally wears a size 12 but your chart says a size 1. That seems a big difference Are your shoes that far off regular size shoes?

  • Linda strand

    my grandson has a foot 5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. what size/model would he wear in your shoes?

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