Inspiration Day

Create Own Path

At Livie & Luca we celebrate July 8th as our Inspiration Day, the day I was inspired to begin Livie & Luca. 

My inspiration came in the form of a pair of handmade children’s shoes gifted to my son, Luca, for his first birthday. This gift carried so much potential; it captured my heart and filled me with possibility and after living an uninspired career life for years, I could not help but follow the inspiration. 

It took me off my well-manicured path onto a wild untamed, just-perfect-for-me, path. It gave me the patience to endure and to build a business whose main purpose was to inspire others to follow their hearts and create their own paths. 

16 years later, I continue on this untamed path. It’s an exhilarating ride and there is never a dull moment! This month we’re asking you to tell us stories about your own path. We’ll also be sharing stories of other mamas and hopefully be providing inspiration to all who need it!

Happy Inspiration Day!


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