Inspiration for our 2013 Spring/Summer line


Mitzi with Maya and Luca

In January 2012, I took a trip to Central America to visit my family. On that journey, I hiked Mayan temples, visited coffee plantations and ate the foods that most comfort me. Memories of my childhood came flooding into my consciousness. When I returned home, I invited the Livie & Luca team to share their family photos and a few sweet moments of their lives. They told stories of family vacations, birthday parties, story time with their parents, bus rides with their grannies and they shared mementos: gramp’s baptism shoes, lovies and love letters. We collected these precious materials, dusted them off, stirred them around in our imagination and designed a deeply personal and meaningful spring/summer 2013 collection. We love the thought that these shoes are inspired by our sweetest moments and mementos and that our history will become a part of yours, as you and your children wear these shoes and create new memories. This process also reminds us to treasure today’s moments, right now -the carpools, piano lessons and breakfasts together. We invite you to do the same!


Amie with Yanela, Emilio and Andres

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