Joy Is Being Seen For Who We Are

Livie & Luca believes that the world should know the face, the voice and the power of every child. For too long, children with disabilities have been underrepresented in advertising and mainstream media. We’ve been a proud partner with Changing the Face of Beauty since 2015, an organization whose mission is to encourage the integration of individuals with disabilities into the media.

Wyatt in Hayes Sneaker Black.

In this photoshoot and video project, Livie & Luca and Changing the Face of Beauty joined forces with the advertising agency Lola Creative, bringing together a fantastic team of creatives from around the country, for a story that was published in Hooligans Magazine this past December.

We wanted to open the eyes of the media, through the lens of high fashion, to children with disabilities. This collaboration is a trailblazing in our industry; to our knowledge there has not a project like it in the high fashion industry. We are grateful to our talented partners for linking arms with us to do this.

Lydia in Willow Moccasin Camel.

We wanted our models Wyatt, Gianna, Lydia, Malachi, Jorden and Viena, to engage positively with the world of fashion, to have a day they would remember for the rest of their lives. We set up a huge rainbow balloon banner at Lola Creative’s Studio and worked hard to make the experience a blast for them!

This project is our invitation to others in the industry to forcefully step forward and to help expand the definition of beauty by portraying children of all abilities in their marketing. We invite those with influence to use their power to shine the light on these children. We want the industry to look at their faces, see their joy and use their spark to create a lasting impact on the way we represent all children in the media.


  • Danielle Rossi

    Beautiful, I love these adorable shoes even more now. A shoe with a mission!

  • Theresa

    My granddaughters have both been wearing L&L shoes since they were infants. They love them and they add so mich style to anything they are weo

  • Regina Michael

    This is awesome!!!

  • Kim Becker

    I love Livie and Luca shoes for my granddaughter! She’s been wearing them since she learned how to walk 3 years ago!

  • Becky Watkins

    I love the quality and style of the shoes and the work you do! Thank you.

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