Livie & Luca Joyful Foot Philosophy


From the desk of co-founder Amie Garcia:

One thing you should know about me is that I never would have imagined I’d be in the retail or fashion business. I used to pride myself on thrift store finds, hand-me-down Levi’s and re-corking my Birkenstocks rather than buying a new pair. In fact, the supremely comfortable Birkenstocks have been ever present in my life because they helped me get through years of painful plantar fasciitis. And for this reason, I knew that Livie & Luca shoe designs had to be not only heart-tuggingly adorable but perfect for the healthy foot development of a child.

So, because it’s an integral part of our philosophy, I wanted to take some time to talk about how we keep your children’s feet healthy and happy.

One of the main reasons kids choose to wear Livie & Luca shoes is because they feel so good. The shoes feel good because our designs ensure that your little one’s feet are being cared for properly.

We believe that the foot should be allowed to develop naturally and that the best way to do that is with shoes that are lightweight, flexible and roomy. This allows the foot to bend, move and grow without restriction.

We know that the first few years of a child’s life are a time of tremendous growth and a critical stage in foot development. Babies’ toes need room to wiggle and explore – this is why Livie & Luca shoes have a roomy toe box.

Not only is it vital to give those toes room to move around, it’s key to have a sole that’s both flexible and lightweight. Our shoes are known for these two wonderful qualities and we work hard to choose the right density soles that will best provide this. Those little feet need to be able to flex to their heart’s desire!

Our baby shoes are made of soft supple leather and serve to provide basic protection while allowing the foot to move and grow.  Shoes shouldn’t need to be “broken in”. They should be comfortable from the moment your child puts them on. We love leather because it’s flexible, durable and breathable too! Knowing how active kids can be, we want to provide an environment for the foot to breathe and the humidity to escape. Natural materials, such as leather, are best for this.

It’s a tall order – we need our shoes to be seriously cute, comfortable and healthy – and I think we’ve managed to pull it off.  Knowing that we’re making a product that is good for our children (and knowing our shoes are durable enough to be passed along to others!) reminds that Birkenstock and used-Levi-wearing gal, who’s still a part of me, that we’re doing the right thing.


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