Missy Urda Q & A: Our Southeast Sales Rep & Very First Employee

You are L&L's very first sales rep, what has your journey been like over the last 11 years - from startup to now?

Mark Twain wrote “Find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I think about that quote when I reflect on my history with Livie & Luca. It all began, like many L&L fans, when I became a mom in 2005 with the birth of my first child Wesley (now 13).

The moment I saw Live & Luca shoes for the first time, a seed was planted in my heart. I grabbed one right away when Amie Garcia & Mitzi Rivas first began selling shoes. They were a size 6 “Emilio” and Wes, at 6 months old, couldn’t even wear them. I spent the next 10 months waiting for his foot to grow.

During that time, I researched children’s shoes to see what was out there. Nothing came close to L&L.  No other company was designing shoes as cute and lovely. I became obsessed and knew I had to be a part of what Mitzi and Amie were starting to build.

I started in 2006 selling direct to moms and in 2007, I opened my first brick and mortar account.  Featuring bold, bright colors, whimsical designs and a wide toe box, Livie & Luca was so different from any other children’s shoe company.

Thanks to word of mouth from a few pioneer stores and a growing fan club of moms wanting unique, well-made and comfortable shoes, we started to make headway.  We now have over 250 retail stores carrying Live & Luca in the Southeast alone.

It has been many weekends away from my family at tradeshows and on the road.  I truly love sharing each seasonal collection with retailers and planting L&L seeds across the Southeast.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Persistent, honest and loyal

What is your passion?

My family first, of course.  I have a wonderful husband who I have known since 1st grade and 3 beautiful children ages 13, 8, and 5.  Beyond family, I love being with people and sharing things that I love.  

My husband says that I am a natural in sales because I get so obsessed with anything I love: people, places or things. If I love it, I will tell you all about it and buy 10 of them!  I’m working on a 13-year obsession with L&L.

When I’m out and about and I see a little girl wearing L&L, I get giddy, take pictures and share it with the team.

Why do you love working for L&L?

Put simply, I love Livie&Luca.  I do this because I am passionate about building and representing the brand.  

Also, the L&L team in San Francisco is amazing. They are small and mighty.  From the talented designers, to the amazing photography and dynamic graphic designer pulling it all together in the catalog and marketing materials.  The support staff makes sure the shoes get made by our factories and shipped on time to our stores. We are all so dependent on each other, each job is critical.

What is your favorite shoe or sandal style, past or current, and why?

Impossible question!!

My kids have worn shoes from every single collection since 2005.  If I have to choose just a few, it’s going to include some classics -- styles that have made memories. 

  • Yellow Octopus from 2007.  My daughter Audrey called them her “Oppits”
  • Pio Pio 2007 and on!  Pios are delightful. My favorite was the red with pink bird.
  • Eve’s Red Apples from 2007.  The wrapped toe concept was perfect for active walkers (and runners!)
  • Paz from the SS18 collection.  I’m pretty obsessed with this sandal. They are gorgeous on my 8 year old daughter’s foot and she voted them her #1 favorite for the season.

We are constantly evolving with new styles, new outsoles, tweaks in fit and creating unique color palettes.  I always get really excited to see the next collection. There are always wonderful surprises.

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  • Miki Brugge

    We love working with Missy! She keeps Cotton Tails tuned in to what is the best from Livie & Luca. Her customer service bars none. She is always so calm and professional. Keep up the good work Missy!!!

  • Judy Murphy

    Missy is a great Sales Rep & very knowledgeable about L&L when I made my first order she advised me what to start with & I have been very pleased with my choices & & her advice

  • Alicia Fox

    I love Missy so Much!!… She is the Most Honest, Loyal, Committed, True, Kind-Hearted, Caring, Loving, Genuine, Compassionate person I have worked with for many years as a Sales Rep… that I now call… My Friend. ❤️ Her LOVE and EXCITEMENT for LIVIE & LUCA Shoes.. makes me want to buy them ALL!! .. as I know.. they are Absolutely the BEST SHOES EVER.. and every Child’s Treasure.. ❤️

  • Lori Yarbro

    Missy is a wonderful sales rep. I have been in purchasing for 20 years and she is one of the most honest and friendly sales rep I have had.

  • Ella Clark

    I have really enjoyed having Missy as a sales rep at the Atlanta market. She is always pleasant and eager to help!

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