Our Beloved Customer Care Team

Our customer care team is not only a lovely and kind group of people--believe us, we would be lost without them--they are here to help you. Read about what brings them joy and their favorite L&L styles.

Meet Amberly!

Amberly, what brings you joy?

My family. I love hearing my daughters laugh or even just get really animated about their latest project. Seeing their joy brings me joy.

What do you like about working with Livie & Luca?

I've worked for other companies and this is the first time I've had just a direct line to other departments. Livie & Luca's culture is all about sharing ideas and using each other as thought partners. I know what I do each day has an impact.

What are your favorite styles and why?

I've got great-nephews that I purchase for, so I gravitate toward the Sneak (it's easy to clean). I also love the Pollock boot in grey suede. The wide strap is easy for little hands and it'll go with jeans or a nicer outfit.

Say hello to Meghan!

Meghan, what brings you joy?

My family and friends. I come from a super big family and have an even bigger extended friend-family.

What do you like about working at Livie & Luca?

I love being able to have a voice and an impact

What are your favorite styles and why? 

Mary Janes will forever and always be my favorite. Dress it up for special occasions, dress it down for a day at the park. With or without socks, you can't go wrong. But the Jamie sneakers are a close favorite runner up!

Hey Britany!

What brings you joy? 

I love to help people and make them feel like they are talking with an old friend.

What do you like about working at Livie & Luca?  

We are allowed to be ourselves.

What are your favorite styles and why? 

Carta II because of the love letter in them.

And last but not least, here’s Wendy!

What brings you joy? 

The diversity of humanity, my children & grandchildren, helping people in need, gratitude.

What do you like about working at Livie & Luca? 

Aside from all of the adorable shoes, I appreciate that L&L offers a quality product that I feel good about being a part of.

What are your favorite styles and why? 

I'll have to say the little black Tailor Mary Jane and the herringbone Maverick - they have my heart.

From the whole team:

What are the most common questions and answers? 

Sizing questions, explanation of the different sole types and fits of each, and shipping.

We provide first-hand experience, the knowledge that we've gained from our partners and customers, and explore all available options. 

What do people need help with the most? 

Shipping & Returns/Exchanges

What's the best way to get a resolution on an issue? 

Reach out to us via phone or email! The best way to get help is to call us. We love connecting with our customers and it's the fastest way to get immediate answers. Yet, if you're like us, then calling during business hours isn't always an option. Send us an email and we'll get back to you the following business day.

Email: info@livieandluca.com

Phone: 888-548-5822

This team is completely dedicated to making sure everything about your Livie & Luca experience is just right. They are truly caring and conscientious and we love integrating their ideas into our products and systems because they have that extra layer of knowledge from interacting with you Solemates all day! 

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