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“We’re infatuated with the tiniest of details: a silver button, a soft feather, a pink petal because this is how we show our love.” -from our Birdsong

Curated just for our dear Solemates, our web exclusives are crafted in small batches and can only be found on our website. These special shoes are for the customer who hears our Birdsong and recognizes the heartbeat of Livie & Luca. We insist on these exclusives every season because we understand the touches and details that delight our customers and fans and this is how we show our love.

First, our sweetheart, Miss Pio Pio in Navy Patent. We wanted to do something special for Pio Pio, so we gave her an elegant patent shine so she can be worn for holiday parties and other festive occasions. As always, Pio Pio is supremely comfortable with her all-leather insole, padded heel and adjustable strap. Your gal won’t be kicking off these shoes at the party!

The Sweet Remnants Collection features limited-edition hand-crafted girls’ shoes made of this season’s leather scraps from our factory floors. These hand-numbered shoes pay homage to our beginnings and represent our efforts to be mindful of our resources. With a hand-made feel, each shoe is a special gift from Livie & Luca to our customers. You’ll recognize the patent leathers, laces and glitter from the Fall/Winter 2019 collection!

Sweet Remnants in Gold Multi

Sweet Remnants in Red Multi



In festive patent leather, Feliz Red Patent will bring that holiday shine to your little one’s outfit. With decorative perforations and a kiltie fringe, Feliz is kissed with nostalgia - a nod to the Oxford. On a flexible Trac sole and with padded heels, your little one will be perfectly comfortable and cute.

The lace trend is here to stay! Our fall/winter exclusive Aurora in Ballet Lace is delicate and feminine but her structure is durable, supportive and flexible - she’s the ballet flat your girl can wear all day. For everyday outfits balance lace with jeans and comfy outfits and when it comes to dressing up, try pairing lace with velvets and anything shimmery.

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