Postcard from Guatemala

Emily, one of our designers, is in Guatemala right now getting design inspiration and sourcing materials with local artisans. She sent us a few snaps and a few stories to share with you all….

Day 1 in Guatemala
Sitting in a central courtyard I had a lovely light Guatemalan soup for lunch and a mug of hot chocolate.

story 2 guatemala


On the walk back to my hotel I saw a beautiful old chapel. Peeking inside through the gates you could see the decay and regrowth. When I walked around the corner hoping I could get a better look inside…the other side had been remodeled into a little tranquil garden area…with a coffee stand. Could not help myself, had to get a latte…it was fab.

story 1 guatemala

This place reminds me of Malaysia … there are even baskets of Rambutan all over the place!


Hasta luego!


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